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Installing a Network Printer

If you’re trying to add a network printer at the office, you’ll usually need the name of the printer. If you can’t find it, contact your network administrator.  Click the Start  button, and then, on the Start menu, click Devices and Printers.Click Add a... Read More...

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Keeping Data Secure

Measures that can be taken to keep data secure include: making regular backups of files (backup copies should be stored in fireproof safes or in another building)protecting yourself against viruses by running anti-virus softwareusing a system of passwords so that access to data is restrictedsafe storage of important... Read More...

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VPN Issues

If you are experiencing issues when using the School VPN from home, please follow the steps below. Shutdown the laptop. (We find that users aren’t shutting their laptops down at the end of the school day, instead just closing the lid... Read More...

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Keeping Passwords Safe

Once you’ve come up with your complex, easy-to-remember passwords, keep them safe. Don’t write them all on a piece of paper that you keep in your wallet! Use a service like LastPass or Dashlane to manage your many different logins... Read More...

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Creating complex passwords

At this point, everyone knows not to use “1234″ or “password” as a password. We also know that the strongest passwords are at least eight characters long, include upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, and don’t include any obvious... Read More...

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iPad JPEG Format

With the latest update to Apples iOS, the default photo format has changed from JPEG to HEIC.  If you are not on the latest Windows 10 update you will struggle to open this format.  To remedy this follow the steps... Read More...

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